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West Indies, Caribbean
How do you describe the Caribbean to someone who hasn't experienced it? That's what I tried to do with my student. You can't describe it - well not really. The pages you'll find at our website introduce you to 12 beautiful islands in the West Indies. Our pages will also introduce you to some of the "pirates" you may find there sailing on Windjammer ships.

We sailed for 13 days on the S/V Mandalay, one of the prettiest ships I have ever seen. We met some of the most interesting people on this trip, and the best part was that these interesting people were also great pirates!

Topic Subject(s) Student Accomplishment "Grade" we did this study at Log Book Entry
Caribbean History and Culture Caribbean Geography, History, Culture. A website report journaling the sites and culture we experienced) 6th/7th Grade

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Eco-adventure to 13 Caribbean islands aboard Windjammer's SV Mandalay

When traveling always pay attention to health issues. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than illness abroad. When you sail, you may want to consider Dramamine, for motion sickness. This can be taken in pills or you can get a "patch". If you are opposed to Dramamine, you can try crystalized ginger which you can find at health food stores. Ginger is a natural remedy for upset stomachs. Avoid alcohol the night before you set sail. Start dramamine the day before you depart. Remember to keep your passport current and make a copy of it and give it to a friend before you leave home in case you need to send for a copy. Losing a passport in a foreign country can be a real hassle.

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