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Do you have bright kids at home?
Are you thinking about homeschooling a gifted kid?
Would you like to homeschool and travel?

Welcome to "Bright Kids at Home" a place for families who are looking for ideas about homeschooling gifted kids.

"Finally, a practical website geared towards homeschooling and traveling with gifted and talented students."

Homeschooling is exciting and challenging at the same time. Homeschooling a gifted kid is an even more exciting and challenging proposition! Over the years I have discovered a lot of things sharing my every day with a gifted kid and this website became a journal of what I learned as a mentor, as travelers, as homeschoolers. I recently transformed these pages into a book that any homeschooling parent can use.

Our homeschool "method" was eclectic. We were homeschooling for academic reasons... As of 2018, my student is a college graduate and a professional using the degree he earned. I have preserved these web pages over the years to maybe help another student enjoy the same sort of success. These pages still enjoy a lot of visitors.

People choose to homeschool for many reasons. When we started homeschooling in 1999, the academic world was very different, the political world that controlled the academic world was also very different. The end game for many homeschoolers then was to get into a good college and leave with a degree that made them employable in the field of their dreams. I imagine the reasons parents continue to choose homeschooling are still the same, safety reasons, religious reasons, moral reasons, academic reasons.


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About Our Content
Our content is subdivided into different categories. Each area has a specific type of information.Click on the colored subject banner to go to that section.

General information about homeschooling for academic reasons. This is the place to start if you are considering homeschooling.

Gives a quick checklist of
identifying gifted student characteristics.

Topics here include tips for developing and running your homeschool, record keeping ideas,
tips on finding a curriculum, homeschooling teens and preparing for college.
How we did it including our course of study, our travesl and one of the best projects we did!

Find ideas about adding authentic travel to your curriculum.


My Book

Developing a Traditional S.T.E.M. Education: Middle School


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Curriculum you can use: Our Course Surveys and Resource lists 
Homeschooling Teens?
Gifted Student Curriculum.
Generating Transcripts & High School Records complete with the transcript formats we used!
Q: How do I homeschool my gifted student? A: Our "How-To" checklist to help you.
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