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When my student was in the second grade at a private school in the Midwest, teachers suggested that my student had an attention deficit disorder. Fortunately, I knew my student better than it seemed they did. Instead of rushing him to a psychologist for an ADHD diagnosis as they suggested, I explored other avenues.

I had read about “giftedness” in children, but I didn’t really understand what that meant. Don’t all children have gifts and talents? After further reading on the subject of giftedness, I had the Woodcock-Johnson Achievement test administered. It was an early indicator of just how gifted my student was. He showed that he had abilities far above “the norm” in several areas. The test administrator suggested that my student was “highly gifted” in some areas and “off the charts” in other areas. The Stanford-Binet test was recommended at the time, but I deferred that suggestion for another day as I wasn’t really sure what that would tell me. Naturally, at that point in my life, I shared the Woodcock-Johnson information with the school. Surely they would be able to educate a student that was “highly gifted” in some areas. They presented some ideas that didn’t feel right to me, but even more interesting was that the school claimed that they only “taught to” an IQ of 120. To this day I still don’t understand what that means.

The suggestions the school provided were that my student could stay with the current group of kids and do more advanced work in a special class once a week or he could skip a grade. They also wanted to focus on my student’s small motor issues in a special class. It seemed to me to be the perfect recipe for personal disaster for my student.

The school assumed I was seriously considering their solutions. After all, they were the experts weren’t they? What they didn’t realize was that I had been exploring another option, homeschooling.That was in 1999....

In the Fall of 2010, my student went to the college of his choice and studied in the field of his choice. In May of 2015, my student graduated in his field of Engineering and he was hired while completing his last semester of college. As of 2019 he is working with that same corporation in his field using that degree."We did it!".

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