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Class : 1 Pharaohs of the Sea
Learn about photosynthesis in the ocean and a unique symbiotic relationship!
  Class : 5 The Twilight Shift Dwellers
Learn about the predators that come to the reef at sunset.
Class : 2 The Great Barrier Reef
Learn about how reefs are formed, travel online to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!
  Class : 6 The Night Shift
Learn about who rules the reef at night.
Class : 3 A City That Never Sleeps
Learn how coral reefs are like sleepless cities and how niches exist at the reef.
  Class 7: Endangered Ocean Animals
Find out about endangered ocean species.
Class : 4 The Day Shift Dwellers
Learn about symbiotic relationships and why color and marking are important on the reef
  Class 8: The Dying Sea - Coral Reefs in Danger
Learn about what you can do to help the coral reefs. Learn what is being done to help coral reefs around the world.