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What I Learned About Taekwondo & the Gifted Student
Add Travel To Your Curriculum!
Want to Resell You Homeschool Materials? Good Luck.
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Why this Newsletter?
As a homeschool mom, who once had a career that involved management and travel, I recognize that even though my current job is a daunting one, there is still more I can fit into a day. [read on]

What I Learned About Taekwondo & the Gifted Student
When people hear the phrase “martial arts”, often they assume it is the militaristic way of the Asian past. "Tae kwon do" means “The way of striking with hand and foot”. Taekwondo, has a fierce history, but presently it enjoys the status of being an Olympic sport that is mastered by world class athletes... [read on]

Add Travel To Your Curriculum!
One of things homeschoolers can do with ease is to add travel to school schedules. At the beginning of the year I look at what sort of topics we plan to explore during the school year, and then my student and I plan our “field trips”. We’ve used field trips for Art, World Culture, Foreign language, Science, Engineering, Geography and History... [read on]

Want to Resell You Homeschool Materials? Good Luck.
by Amy Cortez - Editor The Eclectic Telegraph

For Sale: Math-U-See Complete set including Textbooks, Teachers Edition, videos manipulative. BANNED AT EBAY.

I found this little gem out the hard way. Ebay has banned the resale of Teachers Editions by homeschoolers as if we were pandering porn. Fortunately I didn't lose as much revenue as other homeschoolers:

Ebay Hurts Homeschooling
23 06 2006
In my opinion, Ebay is no longer a homeschool-friendly place. Even though some materials can still be bought and sold on the auction site, this policy directly discriminates against homeschoolers because they have chosen to prohibit all teacher’s editions, even those made exclusively for private educators. This effectively limits sellers who offer items like all-in-one curriculums, homeschool teaching manuals, and student/teacher textbook sets. It also cuts off families who seek these products.
There are potentially millions of homeschoolers affected by this decision, as so many have come to rely on Ebay as their source for educational supplies....[read on]

Filed at 5:57 am under HE&OS by Daryl Cobranchi
I spoke this morning to the head of Rosetta Stone’s legal department– very nice man but not very accommodating. Fairfield Technologies will not allow their software products to be resold by individuals. You must be an authorized seller. If they find your product on eBay or Craig’s list or any other eBay affliate, they will pull them. I did get him to admit that this was their policy not a legal issue since legally I have the right to resell. However, as long as these sites have an agreement with Fairfield, then Fairfield is at liberty to pull listings. I expect you will find other software companies will be “jumping on the bandwagon” so be prepared...[read on]

Comments from Home Education Magazine on the Ban at eBay...[read on]

Teachers editions are getting harder and harder to come by through the tried and true methods. Good luck Newbies! Apparently the public school systems are concerned that now students are purchasing Teachers Editions to cheat on tests and other areas that performance matters. How horrifying! Perhaps if they weren't under such pressure to perform and "test well" it wouldn't be an issue. Anyway, those of us who use Teachers Editions are going to have to get creative to acquire them.

Homeschoolers frustrated with the eBay ban on teacher’s editions can take their business to other sites who understand the importance of being able to buy and sell teacher’s editions for home educators.

If you want to write to your attorney General or Consumer affair agency to register a complaint:

There are several Yahoo groups where you can discuss or actually sell your used homeschool materials:

Or you can build your own website and sell your stuff there.

Home Education &Other Stuff
A Democratic/Libertarian-Leaning Edu-Blog

A sample of the writing
NC made a laughingstock
A branch of the state government, the Division of Non-public Education (DNPE), has completely overstepped its legal authority in its regulation of homeschooling. In so doing, it has garnered national attention alternating between cries of horror and hoots of derision.

Whether one agrees that homeschooling is a social good or not, the fact of the matter is that it is a legal right, based on laws passed by the General Assembly. Those laws mandate that all homeschools must maintain vaccination, attendance, and testing records and that these records must be maintained at the “school,” so that a state representative from the DNPE may inspect them at reasonable times. My own belief is that these records and inspections serve little or no purpose, but the law is the law. And we follow the law– to the letter. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for DNPE.

On October 10th, DNPE sent out a notice (reproduced here: requesting that homeschoolers in the Triangle area voluntarily come in for a review meeting at a centralized location. The tone of the letter was anything but a request. DNPE has no legal right to demand a meeting away from the “school,” but it gets much worse than that. Along with extra-legal requests to review textbooks, lesson plans, and portfolios, the letter tells, not asks, parents to bring their kids (ages 7 to 17) to this meeting. AT THE POLICE STATION! Yes, the state bureaucrats could not come up with a better location than that. What a terrific way to scare a bunch of kids.

Life Without School
We live our lives without school.

From their "About Us": Life Without School Publications is an on-line publication and blogging community. We live our lives with out school. For some, Life Without School begins as a conscientious choice that is whole-heartedly embraced. For others, it begins as a quest for second chances and new opportunity....[read on]

Travelin' With The Kid

Read about our adventures in our own back yard and on the road! From a mom who has been homeschooling and traveling with a highly gifted student for more than 5 years.


RoboLogo: Teaching Children how to program Interactive Robots
RoboLogo is a system that enables children to program interactive robots. Children can program a robotic truck that interacts with the environment without having to deal with low-level implementation details.

Using iLogo, a high-level interactive language, the children can easily describe the robot's actions in the environment and just as easily program the robot's reactions to external events, such as encountering an obstacle.

Allen Brain Atlas
The Allen Brain Atlas (ABA) is an interactive, genome-wide image database of gene expression in the mouse brain. A combination of RNA in situ hybridization data, detailed Reference Atlases and informatics analysis tools are integrated to provide a searchable digital atlas of gene expression. Together, these resources present a comprehensive online platform for exploration of the brain at the cellular and molecular level.

Bright Kids at Home
A practical website geared towards homeschooling and traveling with gifted and talented students.
From a mom who has been homeschooling a highly gifted student for 5 years. Here you will find ideas about how you might homeschool your gifted student. Ideas about how to homeschool and travel.

Huh?What's a podcast?

With the Eureka podcast, you can listen to exclusive commentary by star Colin Ferguson about each episode, while you're watching it.
Commentary by the cast is presented unedited and uncensored, and may contain adult language. Listener discretion is advised.

This Week in Science
"The kickass Science Podcast"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
All Things Great and Small...
We talked about them! This week we interview Dr. Alexandra Navrotsky from UC Davis on the subject of nanotechnology and its implications for the future of the world. Will we all succumb to a great mass of gray goo? Find the answer by listening in.

Escape Pod Classic

The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine.
Bringing you the best of our archives of science fiction and fantasy stories suitable for most ages. For current stories (including some material for mature audiences only) please visit the main Escape Pod site.


Try something new!

Pasta Tales
11th-annual Pasta Tales essay contest begins Oct. 2
ORLANDO, Fla. – Olive Garden is asking students in first through 12th grade: “If you could create a new holiday, what would you name it and how would it be celebrated?” Answers could be worth a trip to New York and a $2,500 savings bond, as part of Olive Garden’s 11th-annual Pasta Tales writing contest....[read on]

Yale to post courses on Web for free
By Reuters Published: September 21, 2006, 6:16 AM PDT
ale University said on Wednesday it will offer digital videos of some courses on the Internet for free, along with transcripts in several languages, in an effort to make the elite private school more accessible.

While Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others already offer course material online without charge, Yale is the first to focus on free video lectures, the New Haven, Conn.-based school said...[read on]

Otto Armleder Memorial Park
Now Open In Cincinnati Ohio

Amenities include seven irrigated soccer fields, a multi-purpose field, playground, pavilion with concessions, picnic shelter and restrooms, community event space and parking, 1.89 mile paved loop trail (multi-use) with trail head shelter,1 0 acre dog park, parking and the restoration of approximately 78 acres of natural area with prairie, wet meadow, mud flatsa nd successional forest.

Proposed improvements for Phase Two of is scheduled to take place in 2007, include a river overlook, canoe landing with access road, picnic shelters and interpretive signage

COSI Columbus Ohio.
Ride Around the World: The Amazing Global Journey of the Cowboy traces the 1,000-year global evolution of horse-and-cattle culture as it spread from Spain to every corner of the New World. In the process it would shape how entire societies live, speak, dress, the music they listen to, the stories they tell, and the ideals they hold to... the very fabric of their lives. October 4 - March 11

Girls Explore Engineering & How to Grow Your Own Engineer!
November 4, 2006
Registration for the Girls Explore Engineering Student Workshop is now full.
Space is still available for the Parent & Teacher Workshop “How to Grow Your Own Engineer!”

Parent & Teacher Workshop: “How to Grow Your Own Engineer!
Join biomedical engineer and educator Celeste Baine to learn how to encourage middle school girls to stay involved with science and math. Cost is $15. It is not necessary to have a student enrolled in the Girls Explore Workshop to attend. Space is limited; pre-registration is required by calling 614.228.2674.

Museum of Science and Industry: Chicago

Robots Like Us
Get ready! You are about to meet a “far-out “collection of robots and space toys from the mid-twentieth century.

These characters tell us a story of a very interesting era — the time between World War II and the first human Moon landing — and they depict how people in the past saw our future. From the 1940s to the 1960s, popular culture was greatly influenced by visions of the future and science fiction fantasies. Robots became the toy to own. They explored the fantasy of an unknown frontier and were armed with the technology of the future!

Universities are looking for homeschoolers!

Brown is considered receptive to homeschoolers because it does not require them to supply any more information than traditional applicants [read on]

"Homeschooled students, by and large, are a liberal arts college's dream," "We want more students who think outside the box and color outside the lines. Homeschoolers often have developed into self-directed learners. Traditional high school students sometimes lack that trait." says Sabena Moretz-Van Namen, associate director of admission at the University of Richmond.[read on]

Colleges coveting home-schooled students
By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER, Associated Press Writer "At Stanford, sympathetic admissions officers have helped make the university a beacon for high-achieving home-schoolers. The support can be seen on the Stanford admissions office's Web site."... [read on]

Historically, children have been and are still the most oppressed, exploited and victimized group of human beings on the planet. Children remain the most voiceless and the most discriminated against group of people in all societies. [read on] from

What is Emotional Abuse? [read on]

Dysfunction in Sensory Integration (DSI) is a problem in processing sensations?

Does your student have trouble with penmanship? How about spelling or in sounding out words? How about with the way food tastes or feels? How about sensitivity with the way clothing feels? Or has unusual sensitivity to bright lights? Loud sounds? Sometimes these "twice exceptional" students have sensory integration processing issues. Your student may be overcompensating in one area to "hide" these issues. Remember that one of the qualities you'll find with the gifted student is intense perfectionism. If your student avoids certain tasks, it may be because of a sensory integration issue. It's worth exploring. Sensory Integration and "Out of Sync Children"[read on]

730 four-year colleges do not use the SAT I or ACT to admit substantial numbers of bachelor degree applicants. From

The Brazilian-made Obvio can go from zero to 60 in 4.2 Seconds?
The Brazilian-made Obvio is a whimsical, hybrid-fuel three-seater that is 34 inches shorter than the Mini Cooper and can run on gasoline or alcohol distilled from sugar cane, can go from zero to 60 in 4.2 seconds? It is also competitive when it comes to fuel efficiency...[read on]

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